The system’s components include readers/tags and software

Both Gateways and Repeaters can detect and pinpoint unique tag location

Inncare Gateways: The Gateway (readers) receives signals from RFID tags, calculates the tag signal strength and transfers this data to the Management System. The GW Reader is connected to the WAN/LAN via RJ45 Ethernet Cable and is powered by an external power supply.

Inncare Repeaters: The Repeaters have the same functionality as the Gateways yet are simpler to install as they only require power-supply but no network cable wiring.

The Repeaters pinpoint the tag locations and retransmit the data to the nearest gateway by wireless communication.

Personnel Location Tags
  • Provide Real Time Location Tracking of staff during emergency

  • Button for instant duress[ss1]  or emergency situations

  • 3-5 year battery lifespan

  • Low-Battery reported to management system

  • Periodically transmits ID beacon used for tracking location

  • Dimensions: 32 x 40 x 10 mm, weight: 15g​

  •  [ss1]Panic, instead of duress?

Inncare Gateway

The gateway can act as a standalone Reader or can be bound to a group of Readers which together or each separately are able to read data from the surrounding tags and transfer it to the server via a RJ45 Ethernet connector

  • Configurable TAG detection range: 3 to 80m

  • Simple Installation – Plug and Play

  • Advanced setting via management system

  • Pole or Wall mounting

  • 220/110 VAC

  • Network RJ45 connector/ CAT5

  • Paired with Inncare Repeaters for range extension

  • Complies with FCC/IC/CE

  • Small size: 140mm X 100mm X 35mm (Eth)

Inncare Repeaters

The Repeaters/Locators provide a plug and play hardware solution that requires no wiring.

Placed in each room/sector they provide accurate tracking for the staff panic buttons.

When button is pressed the nearest repeater detects the button and transfers its location to the nearest Gateway

  • 2xAA battery powered for 2-3 years

  • Provides zone and up to a room level accuracy of ​staff during emergency

Inncare Management System
  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring /reports and analytics

  • Location Map, Location table

  • Rule engine - to configure notifications method during emergency

  • Autonomous events triggered rule engine - SMS/Emails/Voice call and dry contact notifications

  • Position engine - Room/Floor separation

  • Charts and reports support

  • Cloud based/Prem available